Why I decided to study software engineering.

When I think of software engineering, I think of an art form. There are a million ways to make soup, just like there is a large number of subtle decisions that go into making the user experience seamless and enjoyable. All the while, creating the platform that pulls all the strings on the back-end in the most optimized and efficient way. Not to mention that the subtle decision making when writing the code itself makes or breaks the experience of the future developers. Just like a lasting and admired work of art, a well-written program is a sight to behold and a pleasure to experience for all involved. Somewhat ironic to the human experience, it’s the seamless beauty of what we experience that most people simply overlook, or only appreciate in retrospect or comparison. This can very much describe a work of art as well as a well-written application.

On the practical side, programming is a swiss-army knife of the modern era. And until “The Terminator” saga is realized through self-aware and self-writing AI, the need for people who know how to program will only grow. Not to mention that automation is changing the personal, and work-culture and taking over a lot of the functions previously earmarked for people. How this is to impact the direction of our individual and collective evolution is very much up to debate but is nonetheless inevitable and logical. Every business and every idea now requires a digital domain for advertisement and execution. This creates ample opportunity for freelance work. In fact, by its nature, programming is naturally adaptable to a lot of possibilities in life. Freelancing, remote work, and working around any field. It is also versatile in the implementation of ideas. If I want to create a game or a useful app, the only real limit is experience and imagination.

The most important factor in this important decision is the fact that creating something in this way is a genuinely enjoyable process. The mixture of creativity and technical skills creates for well-balanced mental diet when it comes to something we spend a third of our life doing.